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Upcoming Dances

Phillip Stephens (USA Dance Houston, Chapter 5003, Board President; USA Dance Examiner; ISTD Examiner; USA Dance Adjudicator; WDSF Adjudicator)

On The Horizon

USA Dance Houston, Chapter 5003, has completed its first quarter of successful and well-received dances. We've made changes in the music, the decorations and the announcements, all of which are leading to greater attendance and happy dancers at our Second Saturday Socials.

Michael Schedler does a terrific job of selecting music and creating a printed playlist so folk know what dance is coming up. Phyllis Baker has done a masterful job of creating theme-based decorations. Phillip Stephens keeps the announcements short and makes them more frequently, giving dancers a break between songs and less to remember at one time.

In May, we're going with "Boots and Bling" to continue not only honoring the rodeo, but to also honor all the hardy western pioneers of the past. Besides - in Texas, ya just gotta put on western wear now and then. We're also lucky that the fabulous Vika Belova Soto will be teaching our pre-dance workshop on Cha Cha. If you attend this dance, hats, jeans, western shirts and western belts are A-OK, but we say "no" to cut-offs and please be mindful of our dance floor and DON'T WEAR BOOTS.