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Dance Etiquette

Dance Etiquette for Social Dancing

To and From the Dance Floor

  • Introduce yourself to your dance partner.
  • Gentlemen should escort ladies to the dance floor and then back to their seats.
  • Embracing: It's the lady's prerogative how close she wants to be held. The gentleman can readjust if he feels she's too close -- but not if he feels she's not close enough.

Dance Traffic

  • For progressive dances, the line of dance should be counter-clockwise.
  • Dance partners progressing quickly should travel around the outer edge of the dance floor. Slower dancers who dance in place should stay near the center of the dance floor.
  • Acknowledge and apologize for bumping into another couple on the dance floor -- even if it's not your fault.
  • During a song, walk around the dance floor when you're not dancing rather than taking a short cut across the dance floor.

One-on-One on the Dance Floor

  • In a social dance setting don't offer unsolicited "dance instruction."
  • Gentlemen should remember: "The primary job of a male dancer is to make his partner look good."
  • Experienced dancers should dance at the level of their less experienced partners.
  • Gentleman put your keys and coins in your left pants pocket. They're less likely to impact your partner there.
  • Applaud live bands.
  • Applaud showcase exhibitions, especially those performed by new dancers.